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Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Snow Days!


The wintery storms of March are always dramatic and hard to predict.  There's a level of excitement in each of us, because we know that while this may be a blizzard-y bad time, there are warm springtime days just around the corner.

Every time Denver gets buried and then digs itself out, I always think about the human will to survive.  Can you imagine being here 200 years ago, maybe in a covered wagon, maybe in a tiny shack, and basically being STUCK until the sun comes out again?  Cabin Fever!  I'd lose my mind.

It is nice, though, when the snow falls hard, and your plans are delayed or cancelled, to have that unexpected time to just chill out, think about nothing, and take a brief break. 

I hope going to the Cabaret, as a customer, might be a similar feeling. My hope is that for just a few hours, people get to relax, get lost in some music or dancing, and take a brief break. The mind can wander, the senses can be pleased, and upon leaving, a nice warm joy can carry you back into the world.

Losing a couple of hours isn't a bad thing...  it might even be a necessary thing!


Jefferson Arca, Owner & GM