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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4th & Pierre's Thoughts

We asked Naughty Pierre to sit for a short chat about the Fourth of July - here are some of his thoughts!

NP: First of all, thank you for having me here, I love being had.  And second, Happy Birthday to America!  All of us in France are still kind of proud of you.

TCC: Thank you!  Tell me, what do you like about July Fourth?

NP: It's another American holiday about eating, which always delights me.  And eating in a park, the picky-nick?  With all the meat grilling and all the beer swilling and all the music drilling...   and it's not snowing on you, like most Denver holidays... it's actually nice out!

TCC: What's the best BBQ / outdoor party music?

NP: If you do LIVE music, I feel like the Country and the Western is a good fit for Colorado... bands like Buckstein.  I didn't know much of the Country sound growing up in France - our Country music was a different Country's music than your Country's music, so, you know - but it turned out to be great fun.  Live, that is.  I don't know if I like driving with it...  driving is more Vintage Jazz to me.  Like painting, or cooking Al Fresca.

TCC: Al Fresca?

NP: You know jazz?

TCC: Um, do I know--

NP:  Born right here your country.  Made in America.  Why don't we play Jazz at the BBQ? 

TCC: We can play whatever we want!  I love jazz.  I listen to jazz all the time.  We book jazz bands quite often: Eizabeth Rose, Mary Lee, CJ Nicolai...

NP: As you should.  Jazz is good for Burlesque as well, very, very good. 

TCC: Best BBQ Beer?

NP:  Hmmm...  a Mexican lager I think...  Corona?  Ah!  A Michelada - that's beer and Clamato juice, with some lime and salt.  Delicious.  In fact....  (glances away)

TCC: Anything else?

NP: Happy Birthday USA!!  (exits towards the bar)

TCC: Good bye!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018


ComicCon in town - Nerds Unite!

I just got back from watching another movie that was basically either a Star Wars Franchise or a Marvel Universe production.  I'm not sure which!  
Audiences around the world are fascinated by comic book heroes and science fiction fantasies lately - escapism during tough times?  Seeking deep meaning through shiny metaphor?  Or just really like watching cartoons smash things?
Regardless, we know that ComicCon is going to have another big turn-out this weekend in downtown Denver, and we'll see lots of wonderful costumes walking past the Clocktower...  and some amazing costumes onstage that weekend as well!
NERDLESQUE is back - Friday (15th) and Saturday (16th) at 8pm.  You'll see Princesses and Warriors, Nerds and Dorks, Sci Fi and WTF acts galore...  this weekend only, let's celebrate all our favorite fantasies and heroes!
Jefferson Arca
Owner, The Clocktower Cabaret